Whirling International`s Consulting Services

Whirling Consulting Services will review and/or assist in your existing and future projects. With our expertise we will suggest the right mix of progressive cavity pumps that will meet your specifications, while considering your budget and energy consumption requirements..

Whirling International`s Consulting Services offers the following services:

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Sourcing of new pumps
  • Pump systems design, budget management and project coordination
  • Pump system optimization to enhance energy efficiency and product output
  • In-depth operational analysis and stress test of existing pumps systems
  • Training

 Whirling International`s Engineering Support:

  • We develop 3D drawings of our equipment so you can integrate them into your project.
  • We manage the development of Data Books during the manufacture of equipment. This documentation includes: Specifications / Procedures / Personnel qualifications / Test protocols, etc.