Open Throat Series

WJ - Open Throat Series

The WJ series pumps have a wide open throat hopper and an auger feeder. This configuration allows the pumping of fluids of very high viscosities. Fats, creams, putty, pulpes, etc ... Once the product falls into the hopper, it’s forced to enter the stator. They are manufactured in different materials, depending on the application.

This WJ Pump series is an ideal pumping solution for an extense list of difficult products such as:

  • viscous solutions
  • high solids contents
  • sludges and slurries
  • wine must
  • food waste
  • polymers

 The open throat and the auger feed design forces the liquid toward the rotor and stator so it can fill the cavities and then pump.

The modular design of this series, allows to build pumps in 1, 2 and 3 stages to obtain pressures of 85, 170 and 240 PSI and flow rates up to 250 GPM


  • Easy to maintain-in-place
  • Reduced maintenance downtime and labor savings
  • Detachable feed chamber supplied as standard
  • Large open throat inlet
  • Large auger design as standard
  • Blending/conveying of product into the pump
  • Option of a separate bridge breaker mounted directly on top of the hopper to ensure optimum filling of the auger feed screw

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