Industrial Series.

The WL & WM pumps series are used in the most challenging applications in the industry.

 The complete series grants capacities of up to 310 USGPM. They are assembled with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 stages, which allows to obtain pressures of 75 PSI, 150 PSI, 255 PSI, 340 PSI and 510 PSI.

 Whirling Pumps are built with the most demanding quality standards. Different materials are combined, depending on the requirements of each application. Among the possible combinations are casting ASTM A48 / WCB / CF8 / CF8M, shafts and rotors of SAE 4140 steel / 316 stainless steel.

For abrasive fluids applications, we can supply SAE 8620 rotors heat treated. The heat treatment grants rotors a surface hardness up to 60 RHC. This gives it a long service life.

All drive shafts and rotors have a hard chrome plate, which increases the wear resistance.

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